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Alliance Marine Limited


Alliance Marine Limited returns the respect and trust of our clients by providing expertise advice. We want to realise success through our creativity, ambition and skills of our exceptionally professional consultants.

AML delivers by its experience, network, and competence.

Draft Surveys

  • Sims Metal management
  • Erftcarbon (Germany)
  • Carbon International
  • Millennium
  • Tes Bretby
  • Corus
  • Knights Energy
  • BSI inspectorate
  • On/Off hire Surveys

  • Sims Metal Management
  • DG Marine limited
  • LG Maritime inc (USA)
  • Pd Port Services
  • Carlbom Shipping
  • GP Shipping
  • Dan Shipping
  • Total Supervision and Port Captain

  • Chrome : Xtrata Alloys
  • Titinium Slag : Millennium
  • Steel H Beams : Denholm-Barwill
  • Fertiliser: CFS, Bennett Marine
  • Minerals :Minelco Minerals( Trans shing by Coasters from Holland to UK)
  • Chipboard: Leonvincent ,France
  • Liquid molasses :Bennett Marine
  • Spring Beans: siec
  • Petroleum Coke: 1.Erftcarbon (Germany), 2.UCAR,Switzerland 3.Trucks for France and Spain. 4.Containers for Brazil.
  • Steel Plates :CORUS
  • Steel coils : LG Maritime
  • Claims/Damages

  • Paper Reels: PANDI Claims
  • Containers: PANDI Claims Simon Port
  • Forklift: PD Port services
  • Steel: PD Port services
  • Ships side: PD Port services
  • Jetty: PD Port Services
  • Frozen chicken: Wendt & co
  • Food Stuff: Simon Port
  • Contamination: Urea fertilizer and Lutine Sand
  • Root Cause Analysis

  • KES
  • Offshore works

  • Noble Denton
  • Scrap Inspection

  • Various Turkish receivers
  • Independent Inspection for TT Marine
  • Subcontract work for Alex stewart, Knights etc.